How to lead a change in Business?

As it is well known, the one who adapts survives, and that does not only apply to nature, companies must adapt to times and current needs in order to last over time. That is, something as simple as changing the use of plastic materials to cardboard and paper, can mean not only that your business survives but also an increase in customers because you are adapting to what the population is looking for, in this case, friendly alternatives with the environment.

So below, you will find some tips that will help you lead the change in your business:


Be clear about what you are going to work on and what changes you want to make. If you lose your way, you will not reach your goals; your company will stagnate, which will not only affect you but also your employees as they will lose motivation.

Work as a team

You cannot pretend that your entire company changes if only you are aware of the changes, for this, you must involve your team, and it is essential to have a small group that is in charge of ensuring that the objectives are being met.

Have two-way communication

It is not enough that you just count things, you must ask your team to tell you they understood and be open to receiving questions, in this way you will guarantee that everyone has clear and up-to-date information.

Acknowledge the work of others

When someone does something right, they should recognize it in front of your team, this will make the person who did it keep trying, and the rest of the team will double their efforts to catch up.

Lead by example

Humans learn by imitation; that is why if you do things in a certain way, your team will be very led to replicate them.

Take risks

If you always stick to what you know is safe and works, you will never know if there is a better way to do it. Trust your instinct.

Show empathy

If someone is wrong or does not know how to do something, it is useless to reprimand him; this will only discourage him and scare the team, it is better that you show yourself understanding and help him do his job in the best way.

Appear to your employees

If you name your team members responsible for a certain change, they will be much more involved and will look to others to do their part.

Make the results public

If there are visible results, show them to your employees that will help them stay motivated because they know that their efforts have been worthwhile.


You have already done a selection process with your employees, and you know that they are the best at what they do, it is useless for you to withdraw now and do not allow them to support the process of change. Remember, it is a team effort.